Maximizing the value of your waste stream while improving the environment


Gasification is the best Economic, Ecologic, Ergonomic way of handling your Manure / Litter / Organic Waste Challenges!

Together with our partner Coaltec, Mavitec Green Energy offers a complete solution to gasify organic streams into an energy source suitable for many applications, like: Steam, Electricity, Hot water and Hot air. Click here for more information.

Besides the energy source, also a high quality biochar, called EcoChar is produced. The high value EcoChar has many unique features. Please click here for the options.

We are targeting a Total Supply Cycle System, and provide multiple revenue streams to our customers.

Main advantages of our Gasifier:

  • Solve Litter / Manure / Organic waste/ Sludge challenges
  • Reducing volumes up to 85%
  • Handles up to 55 ton litter/manure per single unit, per day (20-30% moisture).
  • Reduce CO2 emissions of the farm to improve carbon footprint
  • High Energy content of the hot air can be used for various applications
  • Possibility of high capacity steam generation (7.7 ton steam, 10bar)
  • Possibility of electricity generation can easily go to 1 MW or more
  • For many processes you will safe 95% of the fossil fuel required
  • Produces high quality EcoChar end product


For more technical information check out our product flyer of the Gasification System.

Materials to Gasify

Many products are suitable for gasification such as Poultry/Cattle/Porcine manure, Sludge, Biosolids etc. Click here for more info and/or check with our sales department what we can do for you. Most gasifiers in operations run solely on wood with limited variation. We have multiple full-scale systems running on poultry litter/manure, porcine and cattle manure.