• 25Apr

    Paddle Depacker Model S: new depackaging food waste solution

    Mavitec’s Paddle Depacker is now also available in a compact size. The new Model S is designed to separate the organic material from the packaging and to deliver the cleanest organic product that is extremely suitable for biogas installations. The new Paddle Depacker Model S® has a small footprint and allows you to process various waste streams with unmatched quality. It is designed with easy access and minimal maintenance through the quick opening side and other unique features.

    – Capacity of 1 – 5 m3 per hour
    – Very clean organic (≈ 99%!) and packaging-fraction
    – Based on our proven Paddle Depacker System
    – Easy adjustable settings
    – Process dry and wet (also possible to process with waste water)

    Want to see our installation running? Check out this video.