PompoenThe Agricultural co-products recycling process handles co-products such as sugar beet tips, carrot tips, disapproved potatoes and many more.

Application of agricultural co-products
In the Agricultural sector there are different kind of products, which can be used for anaerobic digestion. These agricultural co-products have a high biogas yield and therefore can be used for feeding a biogas plant. To keep the retention time as low as possible and consequently also the investment of the biogas plant, the by-products have to be cut into smaller pieces, which are easier to digest. This mechanical treatment has the same effect as a cow grinding his food. In this case the goal is to maximize the conversion from the co-products into biogas.

Agricultural co-product recycling systems
Mavitec Green Energy offers equipment for size reduction, the Martinater. Our Martinater is a hammer mill that grinds agricultural co-products.

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