Packed bread as input for the dry depackaging systemThe dry organic co-products recycling process handles packed co-products such as bread, potatoes, cookies, chips, candy, pasta, rice, pet food etc.

Application of dry organic co-products
The organic fraction of the dry co-products is highly digestible which makes it ideal for biogas installations or even as Animal feed. However after collecting, products remain unpacked and therefore contain plastics, metal, carton or other inorganic materials.

Food Depackaging and recycling system
Mavitec has developed a unique system for the depackaging of these dry organic co-products: the Depackarater. The Depackarater unpacks and separates the packaging from various pre-packed food products via cutting and vacuum technology. Our dry depackaging line has a separation efficiency close to 100% what not only makes it suitable for biogas applications, but also as animal feed.

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