The Paddle Depacker is an enhanced and high capacity de-packing solution

The Paddle Depacker offers an enhanced and high capacity de-packing solution! It produces a clean organic product suitable for biogas installations by separating the organic material from the packaging.


  • Heavy duty execution
  • Simple and low maintenance design
  • Compact size
  • High capacity
  • Variable screen sizes available
  • Up to 99,5% clean organic material
  • Quick opening doors for easy cleaning
  • Hydraulic opening covers
  • Bolt free screen exchange
  • Low installed power
  • Fixed shaft execution
  • Stainless steel isolated splash shields for low noise operation

For more technical information check out our product flyer for the Paddle Depacker.

Want to test your material at your own site? Our Roadshow is available for rental: a unique opportunity to see the Paddle Depacker running and test your material.

How it works
The Paddle Depacker is installed on a trailer and will be located at your site. Want to try this machine? Our mobile test unit is available for rental.
Contact us for rental options or an appointment:

Watch the videos of the clean organic and plastic output: