The Paddle Depacker is designed to separate the organic material from the packaging and delivers a very clean organic output that is extremely suitable for use in biogas installations. This machine turns your supermarket, restaurant, hotel and kerbside waste into clean organic soups: with official lab results > 99,5% clean!

Mavitec Green Energy offers the possibility to test your own material at your own site. There are two test units:

  • Rent the Paddle Depacker
  • Rent the compact size model: Paddle Depacker Model S (1-5 m3 per hour)


A unique opportunity to see the Paddle Depacker running and test your material. The Paddle Depacker is installed on a trailer and will be located at your own site.

Contact Pascal Albers for rental options or an appointment:

The Paddle Depacker is also available in a stainless steel version (new!)

More information our about innovative food waste recycling and depackaging solutions: see Mavitec Green Energy brochure.

Paddle Depacker Test unit (Roadshow)


Paddle Depacker Model S Test unit

Paddle Depacker Model S Test unit