Batch Cookers are used for cooking in the pasteurization and sterilization process
Batch cookers are used for the batch pasteurization and sterilization process. The Batch Cooker is a tank with a direct steam injected shaft that rotates the material.


  • Great range of capacities
  • Flexibility of adding an additional Batch cooker
  • Both automatic and manual
  • Heated shell and shaft
  • High performance shaft for short batch times
  • By-products are not exposed to direct heat, causing a positive effect on the nutrient value
  • Strong under frame for easy installation, maintenance and piping
  • Frame mounted gear reducer and drive for strength and rigidity
  • TÜV / PED / GOST R/ Russian TR/ GOST K/ GOST B /GGTM

For more technical information check out our product flyer of the Batch Cooker.