Pasteurization Process

Raw material process with Raw material bin, Martinater and t-pump
1. The material is collected in a raw material bin
2. a screw conveyor transports the raw material into the Martinater
3. The Martinater reduces the material in size to 12 mm or less
Batch Cooker for dry batch rendering of animal by-products and T-Pump4. A pump transports the material into a pasteurization tank (Batch Cooker)
5. The Batch Cooker pasteurizes the organic material and/or manure at more than 70°C for 60 minutes for it is save to handle
6. The material is transported into a discharge bin with a connection to a T-Pump so it can be pumped directly into a storage tank or tank lorry, ready to be used in a biogas installation where
Storage tank for the storage of organic material produced by the food recycling equipmenteventually green electricity and warmth is created