Sterilization process:

Raw material process with Bin Prehoger and T-Pump1. The material is collected in a raw material bin
2. A screw conveyor transports the raw material into the Prehogor / Precrushor
3. The Prehogor / Precrushor reduces the material in size up to 12 mm
4. Scew conveyors or a piston pump transports Batch Cooker for dry batch rendering of animal by-products and T-Pumpthe material into a sterilization tank (Batch Cooker)
5. The sterilization tank (Batch Cooker) sterilizes the organic material and/or manure at 133°C and 2.8 Bar for 20 minutes for it to be save to handle
6. The material is transferred into a discharge Storage tank for the storage of organic material produced by the food recycling equipmentbin with a connection to a screw conveyor or T-Pump. It can be pumped directly into a storage tank or tank lorry, ready to be used in a biogas installation where eventually green electricity and warmth is created