Example of wet-organic co-products as input for food recycling!The wet organic co-products recycling process handles co-products such as shop return of supermarkets, organic household waste, commercial organic waste, restaurant leftovers, hotel leftovers etc.

Application of (semi) wet organic co-products
These co-products are highly digestible which makes them ideal for biogas installations. However after collecting, lots of products remain unpacked and therefore contain plastics, metal, carton or other materials. If the package is not removed before entering the biogas installation it will cause all sorts of problems throughout the whole process. Problems like floating layers of packaging, sedimentation of packaging, wear on pump/piping etc. The packaging will not digest and therefore the organic part cannot be spread across the land.

Food Depackaging and recycling system
Mavitec Green Energy has developed two proven systems for the depackaging of semi/wet organic co-products: the Food depackaging line and the Kerbside waste recycling line. The first line consists of a Martinater (special hammer mill) and if necessary a Shop Return Press. The second line consists of a Paddle Depacker.

In addition a Washing Drum can be added to produce even cleaner packaging (up to 99,7%) and therefore reduce the costs of removal.

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